About Us:

SYNERGY HomeCare is Houston's premiere senior home care agency. Since 2006, we have helped over a thousand families, just like yours, find Exceptional Senior Home Care in the north Houston area. Since our inception, our reputation as an exceptional provider of in-home care has been confirmed by numerous industry awards, Texas regulatory surveys and by our clients through glowing testimonials and reviews. Ask any other home care agency if they have had zero compliance issues found during their compliance surveys. We can say it proudly. None of our competitors can match this. Here are some links to validate our status as Houston's premiere senior home care company:

Client Reviews & Testimonials
Our Awards
We are excited to be able to help you and your family find renewed peace of mind and independence. Your trust and our reputation are so important to us. We strive daily to put you and your family's healthcare needs first--the result--truly Exceptional Senior Home Care.

Renewed Peace of Mind
Are you and your family desperately seeking the comfort and joy that comes from knowing your loved ones' needs are being fully met? We can instill this new sense of peace of mind. We call it our Peace of Mind Promise. We commit you will find this renewal in your life--call us today and enjoy the peace you need. Our care managers are committed to making your life less hectic and worrisome.

Meet Our Staff


Superpower wish: super strength
Favorite thing about our clients: their smiles
Amazing accomplishment: running SYNERGY for 13 years running
Fun fact: I'm a twin


Superpower wish: Be able to speak all Languages
Favorite thing about our clients: They have so much "history" to share if we take the time to listen
Amazing accomplishment:
Fun fact: I love the outdoors and spend as much of my free time as possible outside!


Superpower wish: giving wishes ala jeanie in the lamp
Favorite thing about our clients: they love us and have great stories
Amazing accomplishment: raising two kids that turned out pretty fabulous
Fun fact: worked with SYNERGY for 9 years running